Tuesday, August 26, 2008

As Much As I Ever Could

I was watching COPS earlier this evening and this guy who had been shot exclaimed "This is all because of that bitch!" as he helped an EMT apply a bandage to the bullet wound in his own head. As I type this, I realize it doesn't seem as funny, but at the time I laughed like a fool.

Since I started my daily picture project I've begun to appreciate fine photography (and photography in general) a lot more. Brian has a photoblog called A Bag of Rocks. Brian takes pictures with his cellphone. Some of Brian's cellphone pictures are better than anything I've ever taken. Follow that link to see Brian's work, and maybe drop him an email and tell him to update.

Continuing on the subject of photography, Dark Roasted Blend is full of weird and wonderful things including some amazing photographs, but this collection of spiderwebs in particular caught my attention.

Last but not least in the vein of photography is Sexy People. I think it's inevitable that people will laugh at today's portraits in the future. I already regret my hair/clothes/smile in some of my school pictures. But who cares? That's the future. And god put goofy looking people on this earth to make us laugh.

Actually, one more thing that kind of fits in this category. MSN just did one of those 'Celebrities Then & Now' deals. I really liked the baby picture of John Travolta. And could they have used a more Jail-Bait picture of Brooke Shields? Holy Hell!!!

In the words of the b3tard who posted it, It's Intensely Annoying Japanese Game Time! "This Will Frustrate All!"

Does this belong in the photography category? I'unno. It's fun, at any rate. Cake Wrecks is a blog of cakes made by professionals, all of which are crappe. Look for the one designed by Malki ! though, it's a gooder.

Book review time! I decided I'd better read a book before I forgot how, so I went for the old standby, Stephen King.

Needful Things by Stephen King (1991)
The standard King fare, small-town goings-on and evil-doings, but fun to read, which is why I keep going back to him. Not my favourite novel by far, not even close to my favourite King novel (that title belongs to 'Salem's Lot, one of the only pieces of literature which scared the bajeezus out of me). I suppose the 'main protagonist' would be Sheriff Alan Pangborn (like most of his work the narrative comes from a number of viewpoints) but I didn't particularly like his portion of the narrative. Really, I preferred the Barney Fife-esque deputy Norris Ridgewick. I also enjoyed the character Leland Gaunt, the main antagonist. He had some really great dialogue, much of which was hilarious and totally inappropriate to repeat here. Overall the plot was good, I liked the idea of Mr. Gaunt playing the townspeople against each other, but I think his omnipotence was a little overplayed. I also didn't like how, as soon as he was defeated, the spell was lifted and everything sort of went back to normal. I found that a little bit 'fairy-tale-ish'.
(My Rating - 3 out of 5)

Now how about a movie review?

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)
The first Hellboy film is one of my favourite movie adaptations of a comic book*, and I was told that the 2nd installment was even better. Frankly, I was disappointed. I actually considered walking out of the theater a few times. I guess I'm glad I didn't, but I still wouldn't say I liked this movie. Some parts were actually good. I liked the scene where Red (as portrayed by Ron Perlman) battled the Forest Elemental. The conflict of emotions (destroy the elemental, the last of its kind, to save both loved ones and strangers) was something you don't usually see in a flick like this. I also enjoyed the Angel of Death, not the scene itself, but the depiction of Death Personified. Visually speaking this movie was actually quite astounding. I liked most of the characters in this movie, including new additions Johann Krauss (whom I just learned was voiced by Seth MacFarlane) and Prince Nuada (but whats with the creepy incest vibe regarding his sister Nuala?). However, I wouldn't say that the characters and the handful of good scenes made up for the crappe. Such as the Troll Market. Mos Eisley Cantina anyone? That goblin dude with no legs was ridiculous too.
*(I have decided to no longer use the phrase 'Graphic Novel').
(My Rating 2 out of 5)

Heck, I'm on a roll here. Let's end with an album review.

Bring Me Your Love - City And Colour (2008)
If you've never heard anything by City and Colour, please make an effort to do so. Dallas Green (city and colour, get it?), also of Alexisonfire, has a really awesome voice. He's the only reason my wife agreed to see Alexisonfire in concert. Anyways, I've already listened to this more than Green's last release, Sometimes (2005). A lot of people I've discussed the album with complained about its low production quality, but the fact that it sounds like a basement recording is part of why I find it so endearing. There's not a track on this album I don't like, but I really enjoy "Sleeping Sickness?", featuring Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip. "Against The Grain" is also nice, and has a folksy, Bob Dylan-esque vibe. Really, it's all good. This album has a really great, mellow vibe. If you just feel like chilling out, put this CD on and burn some incense and watch your goldfish swim around or something. Keep in mind, it's not exactly a 'pick-me-up' album. My wife made me switch CD's the other day because this was 'too sad'.
(My Rating - 4 out of 5)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

bing bong

So I'm back. From outer space? Anyways, we now have Internet access at the new place, so updates will continue at their regular rate. As for now, just a short update to tell you that I survived my wedding. It couldn't have gone better (except for the trains going by during the ceremony). everything actually went according to plan, there were no fistfights, and no one had to call an ambulance. I managed to not get terribly drunk, though I did split a bottle of zinfandel with my 85 year-old grandmother. Eventually I should have some pictures to show you.

That's all for now. Expect the usual fare next week.

Until then, keep your stick on the ice.

Friday, August 8, 2008


I Still exist! I may be updating again in the next week, but chances are slim. Regular updates should resume in the begining of next month. I'm getting married on the 16th, wish me luck!

P.S. The photoblog is updated, please go check it out.