Monday, May 26, 2008


Holy crap, it's me!

Sorry about the huge gap between posts, kind of had some personal stuff to deal with. Notice the changes? Like the changes? Let me know.

Been a fair bit of stuff going on in my life since last post, too much to fit in one post. So either I'll tell you about it later, or I'll forget.

I Don't really feel like doing any real reviews, so here's an abridged version. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull sucked. No Country For Old Men is awesome, totally deserving of the Oscar. Um... I'm sure I've seen more movies than that in the past month and a half... Oh well. Music! The new-ish album Runnin' Wild by Airbourne has an awesome AC/DC-esque sound that you should enjoy if you like good rock'n'roll

I've started a daily Photoblog called Roundabout Expressway. Make me happy and go check it out.

That's all for now. I thought I had a lot more to say, but I guess not. I leave you with a rather cheesy video for "Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast" by Airbourne, and the promise of much photography and bloggery to come.

Edit: P.S. Oh yeah, Iron Man was really frickin' good.

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