Saturday, February 7, 2009

What hath Joel wrought?

Tom Waits uses twitter? That settles it, I'm signing up.

Christian Bale? Yes, he went overboard. But I have a temper, a pretty bad one at that, so I know what he was going through here. Sometimes you get so mad, and even after your brain has said 'whoa, hey buddy, time to shut up' your mouth just won't stop. You're still cool in my books, Batman. Also, it makes for a catchy tune (warning, super sweary)

Ok, so I've linked to some pretty questionable stuff in the past. This video crushes all of it. I'm 100% serious, if you are easily offended, or grossed out, or even just a normal person, DO NOT WATCH THIS. I cringe even as I link. Ladies and gentlemen, Joel Veitch's Wanky Shit Demon. God help me.

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