Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blog Posts for Bored Bloggers

I'm trying to stop using my twitter for stupid banal crap. Because really, who gives a shit what I had for dinner? Unless it was really good, I guess. That's probably as noteworthy as anything else I would write about.

I've recently started reading two new comics. Pictures for Sad Children is by John Campell and is one of those ones that isn't neccesarily intended to be funny (or it is intended to be funny, in which case maybe it just fails miserably.) Ellerbisms is by Marc Ellerby and is pretty much what I would want my webcomic to be like if I ever start up again. I can't recall how I was introduced to these strips, but they are good and you should give them a spin.

I had a bunch more stuff written down here, but then blogger decided to be a big DB, and I had to until the next day to actually publish. In that time I decided what I had written here wasn't so great, so I'l just leave it for another day.

P.S. I had chinese food for lunch.

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Nasty Butler said...

That's so exciting.