Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Scratch the Itch

Do you ever have those dreams that are really intense? They feel so real, that when you wake up you're like "How is that not real?" Yeah, I had one of those last night. Left me in a weird mood all day.

I bought a new CD. Wanna hear about it? Sure you do.

Neverending White Lights - Act II: The Blood and the Life Eternal
Daniel Victor returns with an ensemble cast, and a pretty good followup to Act I: Goodbye Friends of the Heavenly Bodies. Once again, this isn't your head-bangin' type of music. All songs are pretty chill, definitely something to listen to if you are in a mellow mood and want to relax. Or are feeling in love. Or maybe out of love? My favourite tracks are 'The World is Darker' featuring Auf Der Maur (probably the hardest rocking song on the whole album), and 'Black is the Colour of My True Love's Heart' featuring Lexi Valentine (of Magneta Lane, and whose voice I have absolutely fallen in love with). Is it odd that both of my favourite tracks feature a female singer?
(My rating - 3.5 out of 5)

What else? Oh yes. Movies.

Semi-Pro (2008)
As my good friend Nick put it 'An excuse for Will Farrell to swear a lot'. So true. It was funny, but not great. Will Farrell was his usually sweary, overacting, showboating self (just the way we like him) but to tell the truth he was something of a minor character. I would say Woody Harrelson was the real star of this picture, with Andre Benjamin in a surprisingly well acted supporting roll. Once again I was pleased to see Will Arnett in a supporting roll. Even my fiancee exclaimed "GOB is in this movie!"
(My Rating - 2.5 out of 5)

Drillbit Taylor (2008)
I liked this one better than some Owen Wilson vehicles, but it wasn't as funny as I had hoped. There were some funny parts, some stupid funny parts, and some stupid stupid parts. Not much to say other than that. My main complaint is that the character of Drillbit claimed to hate violence, but at the end of the film ended up beating the shit out of some dude. Not that I didn't enjoy seeing that dude get beat up, he was an asshole through the movie and I just wanted to run up to the screen and headbutt him. But I think they should have followed through on the 'Violence doesn't solve anything' theme.
(My Rating - 2 out of 5)

Um... lemme see. Oh yeah! Zombie Hand!

Zombie Hand, you ask? Well, I decided I wanted to make a plaster cast of my hand. So I bought a kit and was ready to make a perfect replica of my beautiful and dexterous right hand. Turns out I suck. I let the casting material to solidify too much before putting my hand in, so all of the air that went in with my hand never came out. I realized my mistake at once, but decided to go through with it and pour the plaster. Six hours later I attempted to extract the hand. And promptly broke 2 fingers from the casting. And so I am left with a lumpy, 3 fingered hand. But I've decided to keep it, and paint it, and call it Zombie Hand. I considered maybe leaving it sticking out of a fresh grave at the cemetery, but then I remembered it has (most of) my damned fingerprints. Duh. Anyways, that's the story of Zombie Hand.

That's all for now. Next up? A normal cast of my hand.

P.S. I've actually talked to Daniel Victor via message boards. Yeah that's right. I'm bragging about Internet contact with someone who is barely famous, and only in Canada

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