Thursday, June 25, 2009


So one of the exciting things that happened during this most recent bout of not-updating-the-blog is that my wife Crystal and I attended the Grande Prairie Highland games on June 14th. We ate meat pies which I'm quite certain were made with lamb (though Crystal denies this). We watched the sheepdog trials (our favourite was a dog named Tank). We watched a few of the games but there was only a handful of athletes so it was kind of unexciting, and only one guy managed to turn the caber. We watched a little bit of the dancing, but that was mainly so I could get photos. It was a good excuse for me to wear my kilt. All in all it was a good time.

Here's a video of the Grande Prairie Pipes and Drums

And you can see some photos here.

And then I got tattoos on the 16th of June. Word of advice: If you're going to get both of your kneecaps tattooed at the same time, make sure you take some time off work.

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