Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tragically Un-hip

Crystal and I went to see The Tragically Hip on August 5th. Howsabout you lookit some pitchers?

This is Kathleen Edwards, who opened for the Hip. The fellow in blue is Jim Bryson, who played keyboard for the Hip later in the night.


115copy099copyAs you can see, most of these photos are of Gord. Actually the only one I wasn't able to get a decent photo of was the bass player, AKA the Other Gord. Hah.

048copyThis was my favourite photo that I took all night (Crystal took some of these). Too bad his strumming hand is blurry. Oh well.

Anyways, the concert was really good, possibly even one of the best I've ever been to (except for the usual concert-going assholes). They played pretty much every song I had hoped they would (including Bobcaygeon, my favourite). It really was a perfect night for an outdoor concert.

Funny Story: All night, Gord was wiping his face with these little white towels and then tossing them to the audience. They played Little Bones (Crystal's favourite tune by them) for the encore, and just as they were finally leaving the stage he tossed his last white towel and it miraculously landed right in Crystal's hand. Really just an excellent concert experience.

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