Sunday, March 16, 2008


Huzzah, my tablet has arrived! I'm still trying to get used to holding a pen for long periods of time again, but i think I actually draw better with the tablet than I do on paper. Pretty much as soon as I'm done this post I'm going to start working on ideas for a new webcomic.

Movie Review Time!

Horton Hears a Who! (2008)
A really good movie for kids, with a few jokes aimed at adults that weren't inappropriate for kids either. The advances in computer animation continue to amaze me. I remember when Toy Story came along and it was the most advanced thing we'd ever seen, but this makes it look like Steamboat Willie. Jim Carrey, Steve Carrel, and Carrol Burnett, were brilliant as the lead characters, but I was particularly pleased that Will Arnett made an appearance as a Slavic vulture. This is an all around good family movie, and I highly recommend you see it.
(My rating - 4 out of 5)

I've decided this blog needs to be more than a diary, or the occasional movie review. I will continue to share things I find, and tell you about my life, and review movies. But if I want to get noticed, I need to have something that will draw people's attention. Like that guy who takes a picture of the sky from his balcony every day, or that blog about the puddle. I haven't any ideas for that yet either, but the decision has been made that something must be done. Any suggestions?

So what's the deal with Tibet?... Yeah I have no idea what's going on over there, sounds like a bunch of madness but I figured I'd better make sure people new I still pay SOME attention to the outside world.

P.S. Really, I don't pay attention to the outside world.

P.P.S. "Dudishly - In the manner of a dude." I found it in the scrabble dictionary last night.


Nasty Butler said...

I'm so glad you put in the explanation of Dudishly because I was really confused.

Valarie said...

scrabble has a dictionary?

Zakk Underhill said...

They sure do.