Monday, March 3, 2008


I found some new webcomics this week, starting with The Fart Party, which is very sweary and vulgar but I love it to death and it makes me want to start making comics again (more on this later). I also found xkcd which is very wordsy and poignant but also pretty fun at the same time, especially for nerds like myself. Last but not least is FreakAngels which is actually like a "real" serial comic rather than the usual strips I read. The art is really impressive, but I'm waiting on the story to progress before I make a decision on it.

Back to me returning to the webcomic world... I bought a Wacom CTE450K Bamboo drawing tablet off of eBay last night. EBay wasn't my first choice because things I order from eBay shops have a habit of not showing up/showing up damaged. But as it turns out, doesn't want to ship electronics to Canada, and most of the other stores were charging an exorbitant price. So eBay it is. Anyhow, I want to draw again. So somehow I have to fit drawing, writing, working, and becoming a millionaire rock star into my schedule. Be prepared.

I took part in the democratic process today. My party won. Go figure. There's only been a conservative government in Alberta since 1921. Of course people are complaining, but clearly these people are wrong and have no idea what they're talking about. In all seriousness, I don't like to tell people what to believe. I just don't see how anyone in Alberta could vote anything except Progressive Conservative. I know it's sort of like voting for the lesser evil... but why would you WANT to vote for the worse?

That's all I can think of, so have a good night.

P.S. The title? Oh. I just liked the word.

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